Cat Wake Up Call

If you have a cat, don't sleep too late in the mornings...


Have you ever been to Turkey?

Have you ever been to Turkey? The meeting of continents, Asia and Europe. If you like history, if you like shopping, if you like night life, if you like beach life, if you like different cultures, if you like eating and drinking, then you'll find so many things to do in Turkey.

Want To Try?

Take a look at these....They are incredible.


Human Tetris

And finally japanese made this. Human Tetris. They call it Tunnels no Minasan no Okage Deshita, it's a competition. But very enjoyable. There's a wall coming to you and it has a shape that you can pass through. But shapes are not that simple to pass. If you can't pass, you'll drop by water. Watch this video and see what it's like.


Watch This Romantic Clip

I watched this video and like it very much. If you like romantism, watch this video. You can't believe that what a man can do for his love.